“The Fray” and “American Authors” insanity at the House of Blues Houston


The American Authors kicked it off at the the House of blues Houston last night October 28th,  where their incredible energy left the crowd on the feet and engaged throughout the entire performance.

The band carried an organic sound with nothing but good vibes and laughter spread throughout the set.

“We all went to college together , started lead vocalist Zac Barnett ” We all dropped out together too.”  leading the crowd to erupt into laughter. “Stay in school guys,” he finishes.

With meaning put into each verse sang, and every beat played there was no doubt the band had an authentic love for what they were doing.

The drummer, Matt Sanchez with an ocean of sweat just after the first couple songs .

” We were just a few guys that moved to Brooklyn in a tiny apartment, with a couple acoustic guitars, playing songs, just looking for anyone that would listen.” Zac stated.

And the crowd was definitely listening.


There are no words that would possibly even come close to describing, the incredible performance The Fray had last night.

The the sheer emotion felt throughout the venue was amazement and captivation. Each member of the band got lost in every verse played and sang.

Playing there most famous ballads such as ,“How to save a life” , ” Never say never”, and ”  You found me “ the crowd was moved with each rendition.

Guitarist, Joe king displayed his incredible vocal talents taking lead in a few acoustic numbers within the set.

” I’ve known Joe when he was in the 7th grade and I was in my junior year of high school,” Lead singer Isaac Slade began, ” I called him up and he was building a model jeep, he’s been in the band ever sense.”

The crowd was brought to the’r feet with the upbeat performance of their single,  ” Love dont die”. Noting but ultimate happiness and positivity radiated through out the House of Blues as everyone jumped and danced in light of a good time.


With such an amazing atmosphere and incredible heartfelt music, this show is definitly one that should not be missed

5 out of 5 stars for the night

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