Trump prepared to spend ‘100 Million’ on election

Donald Trump has reportedly claimed he is prepared to spend 100 million dollars on his campaign from his own pocket by election day. He’s prepared to go “much over that” as well. His personal donations have slowed since receiving the GOP nomination as the republican presidential candidate, but a dramatic re-envisioning of donation necessities may be in the future to secure formerly red states swinging towards blue.

For more information, see CNN for the story: [X]

N. Freeman

N. Freeman is a seventeen year old queer mixed-race creative from Canton, Ohio, now based in Houston at the Chronicle after eleven elementary schools, three middle schools, and two high schools. They like dancing, drawing, graphic design, painting, writing, singing in the shower, baking, horseback riding, long walks on the beach, and cute animals. Freeman is a Virgo who only believes in Astrology when it says something positive. They are a firm believer in intersectional justice, the power of a good nap, and healthy self expression.

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