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5 ways to spend your Halloween night

If you don’t plan on going trick-or-treating this year, then here are 5 fun ways you can spend your night around the Houston area.

  1. buy provigil overnight delivery Go to a local haunted house: There are a variety of haunted houses such as: Phobia Haunted Houses, Houston Scream Fest, Nightmare on the Bayou, Houston Terror Dome Haunted House, Scream World,  The Haunted Trails, The Kingwood Asylum And Haunted Grounds, REDRUM Haunted House, Spring Ghost Tour, Dungeon of Doom Haunted House…etc Image result for phobia houstonImage result for screamworld Image result for screamfest
  2. buy provigil in nigeria Throw a house party: Instead of running around outdoors egging people’s houses, invite your family, friends, or neighborhood indoors to dance the night away and have a Halloween or costume party. Don’t forget to tell your guest to dress up!Image result for halloween house party
  3. see url Scary movie marathon: You can prepare a movie night with a significant other, friends, or even family by picking out tons of movies to watch the entire night. Netflix even has a new Halloween movie themed category.Image result for netflix halloween movies 2016 Image result for netflix halloween movies 2016    Image result for netflix halloween movies 2016
  4. Go to an outdoor theater and watch movies: Sit outdoors and watch a movie, Night of the Living Dead, at Miller Outdoor Theater on Halloween night at 7:30pm. (Theater suggest it is not recommended for kids under the age of 13)  Image result for miller outdoor theater
  5. Last but not least, Backyard Camping: A backyard campout can keep you busy all night long. Invite some neighbors, family or friends and have a good time around a campfire. Gather up some sleeping bags, s’mores, hot dogs and of course, a few ghost stories to read around the fire. Here's how to keep teenagers busy on Halloween without getting the house egged

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