Are you liberal or conservative, when it comes to abortions?

Liberal and Conservative are on the opposite fence when it comes to abortion rights.

Liberals believe that it is a women’s right to abort her baby. The fetus is not a human life and the government should allow the taxpayer to pay for the abortion; for those women who can’t afford the abortion. The right to abortion is the women’s choice, she should be allowed to have safe, affordable abortions and legal partial birth abortion.

Meanwhile, conservative believe that human life begins at conception. The unborn child has a separate right from its mother. ¬†They consider it to be murderous to kill a fetus. Taxpayers shouldn’t have to fund abortions. They support legislation to prohibit partial birth abortion.

Abortion is something women may face if they are raped or were not ready for a child. Abortion is killing an innocent unborn child, but it’s the woman’s body and her choice. No individual should be forced to do anything she doesn’t want to do. A woman shouldn’t be forced to carry her unwanted child for 9 months, despite the fact she could give it away. The government should not have the say about what women can and can not do to their bodies.



Mikayla Lewis

My name is Mikayla Lewis. I attend Houston Academy for International Studies. I am currently a senior and I will be graduating May 27, 2017. I have a strong passion for baking, dancing, global issues and becoming a business owner. My vision for the future is hoping that we can all come together as a nation. I wish and hope for equality for every race. During my sophomore year I participated in the debate club. I had such a great experience. Being in debate opened my eyes to so many different things. I learned about world issues - issues that I had no clue about. Going through that experience gave me a desire to learn more about politics and global issues. My partners and I received 1st place for JV worlds debate.

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