It’s about where you finish not where you start

follow url acollege Of course everyone knows , Harvard and Princeton but there are also a multitude of schools that have just as much potential.The University of Virginia, Colorado College, Union College and Ursinus College are also great instead like more famous institution Harvard, however is less of a wallet killer.

When someone asks, “Where did you go to college?”, your initial reaction would be to respond with the name of the institution in which you graduated from, rather where you began.

cymbalta online cheap Houston Community College is a definite alternative and heavily recommended over for-profit institutions. HCC is an alternative where college credits can be transferred to more well known colleges.

In short, don’t be afraid to look into colleges that do not necessarily hold a big name. One can experience the rigor and excitement of higher education simply at a community college , rather than holding ones self to the standard of paying for and attending one of those more expensive, private institutions.

Senior year is already stressful enough, but the most important thing is to never compare yourself to other students.

Even though your peers may be applying to luxurious colleges, and top-tier universities, never compare yourself to them because on orientation day, the same feelings of anxiety and fear will be in every college freshman.

With that being said, never exclude yourself from higher education due to your dream school denying you.

It’s not about where you start, rather where you and end and how you do so as well.

Roberto Rodriguez

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