What Halloween film classics to indulge in this season


When it comes around the time to snuggle into those fuzzy cardigan sweaters and illuminate the wicks on those pumpkin spice candles , that also means – it’s time to break the Halloween classics that make the festivities even more enticing.

Here are a few of the must watch Halloween classics for this year.

  1. The Nightmare before Christma(1993)


 This classic Tim Burton film will be just perfect for not only getting into the spirit for Halloween, but also for the entire holiday season!

2. Halloweentown (1998-2006)


This Disney Channel Original Halloween movie series is defiantly a must see for all ages .  With the fun loving humor and captivating plot of each movie , after seeing one the viewer is definitely going to watch all.

3. R.L Stein’s The Haunting Hour – Dont think about it (2007)


This R.L Stein child favorite is great for those who love Halloween but don’t love screaming in terror. This film has the perfect amount of spook and fun to delve into this Halloween season.

 4. Casper and Casper Meets Wendy (1995- 1998)

These family friendly classics are sure to bring the Halloween spirit  this year!

5.  My Babysitter’s a vampire (2010)


This hilarious teen vampire flick is definitely a fun loving must see for this Halloween season.

Halloween only comes around ounce a year, so make sure to make the most of it and check out these holiday must sees.

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