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It’s called Screamworld for a reason

img_1062Immediately after stepping out of your vehicle an eeriness settles into your body and doesn’t leave until you are miles away from Screamworld.  Located at 2225 North Sam Houston Pkwy West Houston, TX 77038, the thrills will follow you all the way home. No wonder why the haunted house was voted number one in Houston by the Houston Chronicle and Houston Press.


After buying your tickets the first attraction you face is the maze. The designers payed a lot of attention to detail and even while waiting in line you are entertained with actors that scare and fright. Before entering, you are read a list of rules that include no running, no touching actors, no phones, no flashlights, etc. However, once you enter the maze you get into an every man is for themselves mindset.


Within the outdoor maze, there are actors placed throughout that follow and terrorize you. You wish you were invisible. The combination of the wired fences, spooky actors, never ending turns and corners, and not to mention strobe lights ensure that one doesn’t come out the same.


If the maze wasn’t enough to make you scream, the following attractions will have you experience every fear you have ever had. If you are claustrophobic, have a fear of the dark, have a fear of snakes, knives, skulls,  or dead bodies you will literally be frightened to death but don’t worry they have body bags at the exit. The scariest part is, there is one entrance and one exit. Once you enter you have to make it through all attractions to make it out.


Haunting actors and actresses are at every turn and the number of turns are never ending. Upon entering, your claustrophobia is put to the test by walking through a cave of skulls. Right after you conquer one fear others are put to the test as well when you enter the Edge of Darkness. In the Edge of Darkness every step you make is in the dark. There are absolutely no guides or lights to help you through to the next attraction. The only things you have to follow are the screams from others that have been haunted.

As you feel your way through the darkness you encounter many different never before seen props and characters that are hide in rooms such as the Boiler Room, Death Row, Hospital Room, and a Morgue. For example, in Jake’s Slaughterhouse there are body bags hanging from the ceiling and animal carcasses that make you wonder if you will make it out in one of the body bags. If you do make it out alive, you will be greeted by livid, monstrous creatures in a zombie graveyard filled with real chainsaws and knives.


All in all I was happy to make it out alive and you will be too. The haunted house was unforgettable to say the least and it is well worth the price. Screamworld is frightening but not the prices. Come check it out for yourselves, you won’t regret it.


Screamworld’s ratings this year from our staff would be

5 out of 5 Skulls on the buy Gabapentin 100mg Scream-o meter

5 out of 5 Skulls on watch Costumes

5 out of 5 Skulls on Props and Decoration

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