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Our black lives matter lllllll

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see I would be lying to you if I were to say you are safe in the United States because you are black and a black cop would have sympathy for you because you’re one of his kind and he would spare you a fair warning instead of shooting and killing you. Yes, I would be lying. That’s not the truth. Black people are the target. You can see video proof of two policemen putting Eric Garner in a choke-hold after already surrendering to law enforcement. He  was suffering saying, “I can’t breathe” and he died with no justice to himself or his family. We are hurting and marching for injustice like this to end, but in reality it’s just the beginning.  The system isn’t fair at all. But we knew that when we cried for justice for Trayvon Martin, isn’t that proof for you my brother? Do you understand that you are a target too my African American sister?

It is hard for our parents to let us leave the house without them squeezing us tight. In their eyes we see pain and the hope that they do not get a phone call saying that their child is gone. Why? I could pull out my cellphone to call home out of fear because the police tried to arrest me, and little do I know I fit the description of a person who committed a robbery on Tuesday. Or was it the color of my skin that offended you sir? When will this end? Racism is still alive today as well as stereotyping black individuals.

We can march, riot, cry, scream, shoot back, and protest but what difference is that going to make? We have been doing the same thing and getting the same results. Nothing. Philando Castile was shot dead just for telling police officers he is licensed to carry a gun and had one in the car. Raising his hands in the air cost him his life, but that is the instructions the police give us right? What did he do wrong? Did you hear about Alton Sterling? A 37 year old black man making a profit by selling CD’s was gunned down by two police officers and he was not resisting at all. Bystanders and security cameras have valid proof but apparently it’s blinded by the eyes of the system.

Why are our lives being cut short because of our skin color? We need answers for Sandra Bland, thank you for the indictment but why would a 28 year old woman want to take her life? You want us to believe that? Michael Brown surrendered with his hands in the air, we all have seen the video, why was he shot? There were witnesses everywhere but their stories were not credible. When will our voices ever be heard? Walter Scott was a target, thank you for charging that officer with murder but why did he shoot him when he was unarmed and running with his back turned? When will we wake up to notice the division due to police brutality. We are afraid .We need answers. Black lives matter.

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