Enter the Haunted Trails at you own risk

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Welcome to the Haunted Trails bringing you 16 years of fear. If you’re looking forward to a good scare you’ve come to the right place. The Haunted Trails Attraction is located at http://southernoceanvillas.com/formula-t10-and-prolexin-igf-1-free-trial.pdf 11500 Antoine Dr., Houston, TX 77066
From Beltway 8 North, Exit Antoine – Turn North. Pass the U-haul Center.  ½ Block Past W.Greens Rd. Prepare yourself for a Fright Night.

The Haunted Trails is filled with bloody screams, extremely loud cries, monsters, and props that will make you second guess on if you want to enter the petrifying place. When you arrive, there is a terrifying man that gives you your tickets as well as a spine-chilling look before entering the woods. You will be read instructions and feel your heart in your throat before beginning the blood-curdling adventure. (Beware of snakes)

This haunted house comes with 2 main attractions, The Haunted Trails and The Physic Hollow. The Haunted Trails is a 15 minute (depending on how fast you complete the trails) chiller attraction while the Physic Hollow is roughly 5 minutes. There is a bit of everything in each attraction and you will never know what is behind the corner waiting on you.

Your nightmare will begin when you go through the haunted woods and come face to face with your favorite scary movie killer or monster. Each character’s goal is to get a good scare out of you and leave the hairs on the back of your neck standing as you walk through the woods. By the way there is no turning back.



There are a lot of creepy monsters lurking around the woods waiting on you. In addition, spooky people following you and making peculiar noises in your ear will cause you to scream and walk at a faster paste. I would recommend you walk at a slow paste so you won’t fall. The air is filled with thick fog/mist, strobe lights and dim lights so be careful to watch for high and low areas. Because you are walking through the actual woods, there are branches everywhere so be sure to not wander off the trail alone. Each character will guide you to where you need to go.


I would recommend you wear closed shoes and not heels, stilettos or sandals. Wear something comfortable and don’t bring anything that’s valuable because it could get lost in the process of you completing the attraction. If you do lose something, you would need to come back the next day to retrieve it. After you experience both haunted attractions, there is a concession stand in the front of the entrance where you can purchase souvenirs and something to eat.

Houston has a lot of haunted houses but have you ever been to one that was in an actual woods? The Haunted Trails and Physic Hollow is a must see, if you want a good scare you won’t be disappointed. You get exactly what you asked for. Come and visit before October ends and go home with the bone-chilling feeling of what it really feels like to be scared to death.

Visit the website for additional information: http://www.thehauntedtrails.com/



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