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Kemah Boardwalk’s personal nightmare


obat ciprofloxacin hcl 500mg Get set to experience a new level of bone chilling fights that will numb your feet from the moment you step in to the moment you go home. The Dungeon of Doom, Kemah Boardwalk’s authentic Haunted House, is sure to get you in the Halloween spirit. Because it is set in a parking garage, everything from the atmosphere to the attraction puts the view in a mode that is truly terror inducing.

click The stages of terror

The Dungeon of Doom is a 15-minute labyrinth that exposes every possible fear imaginable, from a bloody butcher working to an insane asylum. All aspects possible are taken into consideration and utilized to draw a maximum amount of fear.
The audience is lured in with the butcher’s workshop composed of bloody corpses and blood that spread on the walls and on the ground. Constant screams of pain and jump-scares from the butcher’s victims leave even the bravest running to the next attraction. Constant banging from the walls, chasing from the butcher’s victims, and blood-hurtling screams coming from all angles draw up a deep sense of anticipation and fear.


If you survived the Butcher’s wrath, be prepared to enter a dark labyrinth with a scenic flash of lights that somehow distort reality and drives the audience to an innate sense of euphoria. You’re flooded with massive depictions of horrid scenery and random figures that appear and scream at the top of their lungs. Beware of the insane blood-soaked figures that appear and chase you in the dark.  These figures range from horror-inducing dolls to insane patients that get in your face and demand you to join them in their “paradise.”
The next phase of fear is walking through a clown-themed maze. Flashing stage light and brightly-colored clown illustrations decked the walls with fright. The clowns all want to play with their next victims, and their favorite games are screaming, inviting people to join them, and finally chasing them to the next phase of fright.


Picture By: Grecia Yraheta
The final phase was a definite fan-favorite. It was a final maze that was filled with absolute anticipation and horror; a chainsaw motor was muffled throughout a dark hall covered with bloody walls. Out of thin air, a masked aggressor wielding a chainsaw chased the crowd outside and followed them to their only salvation, the brightly colored “Exit” sign. When you leave the fright feast, your heart will be beating faster than the chainsaw rotations.


Picture By: Grecia Yraheta

source Behind-the-Scene coverage

The Insight team was escorted behind the scenes where we were treated to additional frights, because even going through the Dungeon of Doom a second time is an experience on it’s own. The most surprising part was that all of the actors stayed in perfect character.
“Sometimes I like to bang on the walls because it echoes through the entire Haunted House,” stated Dungeon of Doom Representative, Eric. “Fun Fact: WE actually have one of the cleanest haunted houses I’ve ever seen.”



Your biggest mistake this Halloween season would be not participating in this nightmare fuel of a Haunted House, guided through trope after trope of the absolute scariest.
The Insight Team have concluded that in terms of atmosphere, costume design, overall artistic aesthetic that the Dungeon of Doom is a definite eight stars out of ten.

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