Stars from the cast of Empire endorse Hillary Clinton

Influential stars from the newly anticipated television drama for fall 2016 have used their voice to promote and endorse Hillary Clinton. In the new ad, stars ranging from Taraji P. Henson, Tasha Smith, Bryshere Gray, Jussie Smollet, Grace Byers, Trai Byers, Gabourey Sidibe, and producer Lee Daniels are putting their full support behind presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Empire first took the world by storm during its first season and has millions of eyes locked to their television screens on Wednesday nights. The show has a very big range of audiences and viewers across the nation. In the ad they talked about some of the things that matter to the television audience the most included Obamacare, healthcare, and a future for their kids to get them to vote for Hillary because she will be the candidate to stand behind what they want.

I think it is so important for celebrities and influential people in the media to use their positions of power to promote positive things and especially during a time like this. The presidential race is heating up daily and it was a smart move for the Hillary Clinton campaign to release this ad and I’m proud that some of the actors and actresses of one of my favorite shows stood up to use their voice.

This presidential race is different from the ones in the past for many reasons. One, being that it is less about the character of the candidates that people will be voting for but it is the lesser of the two evils. ¬†For example, during the first debate held last week Donald Trump tried to make a business deal with America and say, “I will release my tax returns when [Hillary Clinton] releases her 33,000 emails that have been deleted.” All one could do was sigh in disbelief of the choice we will have to pick for president in a couple of weeks.

Because both candidates have shamed themselves in the public eye before many people don’t want to vote in general but that is an even worse choice to make. Americans must exercise the fifteenth amendment now more then ever because surveys have shown that it will be a close race. Although I will not be of age to vote in a couple of weeks I am ensuring that all of my friends and peers sign up to vote because as young adults about to enter college our votes matter and our future is very valuable.

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