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Unpatriotic actions at a football game lead to disrespectful actions

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buy modafinil in south africa Two students attending the University of Southern Mississippi were physically and verbally abused at a football game over the weekend for not standing during the national anthem. Both students stated that hecklers threw alcohol and soda at them and described the incident as “something we will never forget”. More than 120 #BlackLivesMatter protesters came together dressed in all black attire in solidarity for the two victims on Monday.

No one should be bashed for the way others feel or for their opinion period. The National Anthem states, “For the land of the free, and the home of the brave”. To me this means that as a United States, we stand together and fight together. With what’s going on in the nation today, we are not standing together nor fighting together. Instead we are going against each other and fighting one another. For respect for the ones fighting for you and your country we all stand together and sing the song.

Former sailor Petty Officer 2nd Class, Janaye Ervin, didn’t salute during the national anthem stating, “I feel like a hypocrite singing about the ‘land of the free’ when I know that only applies to some Americans,” she wrote. “I will gladly stand again, when all Americans are afforded the same freedom.” The way the two students at the game were treated wasn’t fair because they were exercising what they believed was right to do. I’m not saying that what they did was right but their opinion in what to do in that situation was valid to them. We need to respect each others feelings and opinions instead of coming against them when we feel as if they are wrong.

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