College-bound breakthroughs

College-bound programs are being implemented into the daily curriculum within not only high school campuses, but also in middle school.This is quite staggering when addressing the issue of success, and success is the only foreseeable outcome possible.

Most high school seniors can tell you that while in middle school, their primary focus was on their high school selection, however, now college-bound curriculum are being implemented at an earlier age, which has both positive and negative possibilities to it.
First, early exposure to college-bound program could leave students petrified. By having an early glimpse of a potential future it will harm their development especially since in middle school, early forms of socialization behaviors and outside implications are being applied and nurtured on a daily basis.
Essentially, by introducing college programs early, then one runs the risk of being scared of university, and schools who foster early college programs could potentially be placing additional stress on their students.
However, looking past the negatives, there is a plethora of positive aspects to implementing programs that facilitate college readiness.

For instance, the college-preparation program, EMERGE recently hosted a college fair and invited middle school students to attend the fair, and what was observed was nothing short of astounding.
Middle school students participating in a college fair, participating with the admission counselors, and even asking representatives thought-provoking questions.
That alone should demonstrate the impact of college-preparation programs at an early level, these programs create a drive that is within students and it allows them to handle more mature situations and understand complex cases regarding college admission.
As elementary school teachers constantly testify to their students that college is important, that statement has some foundation within the developing kind of a child, and the more we allow college-readiness programs to inspire students, the more we as a country are driving ourselves to a hopeful, educated country.

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