Prepare to be terrorized: Nightmare on the Bayou

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Being carried throughout the years as, “the only Haunted House in Houston with real ghosts”, Nightmare on the Bayou arises to bring screams once more as the month October enters. Located right next to one of Houston’s oldest cemeteries, established in the 1870’s off of I-10 Studemont (with the creepy tombs and all). Owner Bob Wright has repeatedly publicized his statement “We love our Ghosts, and are proud to be the only Haunted House in Houston that is REALLY HAUNTED!”

If one were to be looking forward to a night full of screams (Warning: can result into a sore throat!) or be anticipating to a real life horror movie: where one girl always magically falls on the ground and act like they can’t get up. If any of the two phrases match your description of a good haunted house then arrive to Nightmare on the Bayou!

Nightmare displays a more serene entrance towards the ticket booth, which can be viewed as a benefit towards the motive of an exclusive scare. I should also inform the spectators of Nightmare to prepare ones stomach, for one of the first attractions can contain a gut wrenching reaction with the theme of a BBQ party amidst a sickening twist of cannibalism (to add to the creepiness) . Each hallway having a hair-rising vibe to it as well with every corner having a chilling surprise awaiting in the dark.



Nightmare takes upon the creative use of space by using unique distinct obstacles as a main attraction with the use of powerful flashy lights: enough to make one believe there in an actual alien abduction! Nightmare freely takes the challenge of making your inner fears truly come alive: mainly the fears of darkness and tight spaces surrounding the premises!

The characters in Nightmare roam around with the goal to make one feel alarmed as they continuously shadow behind you while howling their lungs out near your ear. Each character had a distinctive costume, some with the details of a time consuming makeup look and all of which of course was provided by the store Party Boy, owned by Bob Wright.


The last attraction known as the garden of zombies (or also known for me as the main attraction that etched into my brain all night!) is a must see amusement! One must not only be emotionally prepared but also be physically prepared to be able to run through the thick fog/mist covering the air. Don’t underestimate the quite darkness for when you least expect it the shouts of a chainsaw could be creeping your way.

Although I do also recommend making the arrangement of wearing closed toe shoes, wearing nothing of value, and maybe even working out attire can be the perfect clothing for this occasion, besides wouldn’t you prefer to run for your life in comfortable attire? Of course.

With all the haunted houses surrounding Houston, it can be questionable which haunted house is worth your time and money. The haunted house Nightmare on the Bayou can be distinctively separated from the other houses by the actual nightmares that are promised to follow you home! With Nightmare’s exclusive obstacles and sinister mazes one is guaranteed to find at least one astonishment with Nightmare’s peculiar houses. Ratings

Nightmare at the bayou ratings this year from our staff would be

5 out of 5 Skulls on the Scream-o meter

3 out of 5 Skulls on Costumes

4 out of 5 Skulls on Props and Decoration

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