Houston goes wild for YG’s #FDT Tour


On September 30,2016, California rapper, 26, puts on the biggest show for his Houston fans at Warehouse Live.


Opening artist; RJ, Kamiayah and Sad Boy, got the warehouse crowd hyped before YG came out.

After all the opening acts the crowd was anticipating the appearance of YG on the stage. The crowd screamed “YG-YG-YG-YG”. He then came out onto the stage full of energy screaming “YG 4 Hunnid”, his energy had the crowd wilding as he began to perform his “Still Brazy” album for the crowd.


YG’s performance was outstanding he had everyone in the crowd singing along with every single song he performed. Houston really showed their love for YG. Anyone would say that is was a night to remember. YG came out showed out, he gave that performance his all and made sure the crowd felt the love he had for everyone supporting him.

Jasmine Barlow

My name is Jasmine and I’m a senior at Evan E. Worthing High school. I consider myself to be very outspoken. I enjoy writing music and singing. In my leisure time I dance or play volleyball. Next year when I attend college I plan to major in medicine and pediatric practices. I then will get my degree in pediatrics to become a registered pediatric surgeon.

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