Looking for a good fright before Halloween night?


This Halloween season, get ready to face your fears with a visit to the longest run haunted house in Houston, Phobia. With the new location by Beltway 8 South, its easily accessible with even bigger and better  haunts to encounter!


What to expect

In the futuristic take over horror-  they have the haunted house attraction Dawn of the Machine. This attraction takes you into an industrial apocalypse of despair and horrific disaster. Delving into a technological wasteland there are desperate civilians that will do ANYTHING to escape. With the unpredictable loud booms, bangs and screeches this house will definitely transport those who dare to enter into a catastrophic, terror filled realm of horror.

The Genetic Nightmare featured the horrific mutation of outlandish ghastly, creatures around every corner. Beware of those that lurk in the darkness, a surprise or two is definitely in store for those who don’t keep look out! The creatures are not very happy about the mutation and are eager to get their hands on FRESH MEAT.

The largest and greatest feature at Phobia would be the triple attraction house titled Exile.  From the Darke World filled with the walking dead who hunger for fresh human flesh , to Savage Ground where chaotic rioters reek havoc on those pedestrians who chose to cross there path – there will definitely be some voices lost after entering those attractions – that’s not all either.  Not recommended for those who get queasy over the scene of blood or manged body parts. Last – but not least, Contagion. Where those who enter are warned against doing so. The viral infection has spread and the psychotic break has as well. The infected around each corner in a frenzy , ready for visitors to capture and infect as well. When the sound of roaring chainsaw is herd at the end of the tunnel be prepared to ” Walk Fast” (running isn’t permitted).

Here are a few on the scene interviews from the night


With such creative costumes, amazing actors and eccentric atmosphere phobia is no doubt a must see this Halloween season!

Behind the scenes with the performers

Who are the faces behind these spine-chilling characters seen in and outside of these horrific attractions?  One that is definitely a crowd favorite would be the Big Baby.




Towering at six foot four, with a ragged diaper and army vest covered in blood,  is  the Big Baby – that’s been a hit for the past four years sense the actor,  Terence had created it. Having gone through 3 masks after taking on such a character Terence embodies exactly what you would thing when the name Big Baby comes about. Some may think, “How could a Big Baby be scary?” – but when approached by a giant baby : covered in blood, swinging a ragged doll around, asking for a playmate – chances are you will hear some shrieks come soon after.

As the Phobia spectators enter the grounds they will be greeted by the Big Baby whom interacts with the crowd bringing the phenomenon to life. ” Don’t be not in shape and work here” Terence states. The entertainers who work in and outside of the houses do undergo a fair amount of cardio during their shifts. Terence himself cycles around 40 miles to keep in shape for the job. Another performer Cara has a back-round with dance is which she likes to incorporate into her character.

With the attraction only taking place seasonally many may wonder what other occupations the entertainers have off season-this may come as a shock. Although some actors such as Cara take on a fun loving job of working in a toy store , others like Terence work in Sub C  electro-hydraulic engineering! With both having such devotion to there year-round jobs, Phobia is definitely a night job they look forward to each year.

The craziest stories from the inside

Many here of insane stories that take place at haunted houses across the area and Phobia is no exception. The regional manager Nick , who has been working with Phobia for 15 years now can attest to that. He told stories of heart attacks and seizures! Don’t worry though,  “Phobia has EMTs on hand and a medically trained staff that is ready to handle any situation that comes about.” Nick stated , reassuring us all.

Ounce there was a infant brought into one of the alarming attractions which shocked the entire staff. The parents insisted that it was fine but Big Baby himself followed the spectators to insure the child’s well-being.

Another interesting tale told was about a young boy who ran horrified from one of the houses only to hug an ATM machine. The young boy thought he had escaped but the performers followed the boy, surrounding the ATM machine and he ended up peeing his pants. Yes, its that scary folks.


With all of the madness and high jinks Phobia has to offer it would be a shame to miss out this Halloween season.

Phobia’s ratings this year from our staff would be

4 out of 5 Skulls on the Scream-o meter

5 out of 5 Skulls on Costumes

4 out of 5 Skulls on Props and Decoration

Make sure to check out their website for more information at Darke.com .




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  • October 5, 2016 at 9:50 AM

    The actor who plays Big Baby spells his name as “Terence”, just a FYI.


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