From the UK to Texas, Two Door Cinema Club rocks ACL

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The band from Northern Ireland, Two Door Cinema Club, has been a staple in any budding indie kid’s playlist. Since their pop-inspired album “Tourist History” hit shelves in 2010, the band’s sound has transitioned to electronic, rock, and even funk elements. As they took the Cirrus Logic Stage during Weekend 1 of Austin City Limits music festival, I was curious as to if the vast differences in their sound would isolate their earlier fans; however, their setlist was so artfully put together that it was difficult to leave their show disappointed.

Opening with a hit from their first album, “Undercover Martyn”, the crowd began to scream as the familiar guitar riffs became apparent. Transitioning to “Sleep Alone”, a single from their second album, the crowd was less outright wild but continued to stay engaged.

Even what should have seemed as a discontinuity in their set, their newly released, funk-infused single “Bad Decisions” kept the crowd dancing, despite its unfamiliarity. However, the band knew how to draw their fans in again by announcing that after the new material they unveiled, the rest of their show would consist of “[their] old-school bangers”.

These throwback songs included “I Can Talk”, and the show closed with their iconic single, “What You Know”. Throughout the entire set, the crowd was aggressively dancing, swaying, and screaming the lyrics; it was more akin to behavior you would see at a rock concert. The enthusiasm of the fans and great mixture of old to new material made Two Door Cinema’s set one of the highlights of the weekend.

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