YG brings Compton to Houston

Keenan Daequan Ray Jackson also known as YG hit the stage October 1st at Warehouse Live and it was a night to remember. The young 26 year old hip-hop rapper is in tour and brought plenty of Compton flavor to Houston.

A young group of rappers known as Southside Goats performed their encore songs “Drip”, “Southside Life” and “For The Night” to open up the concert. The young rappers had their own style of music that had the crowd jumping and everyone singing their lyrics word from word. The rappers made the crowd feel their music and every word they were saying, the rappers also sent out a message to everyone at the concert saying, “Don’t vote for Donald Trump”.

Next hitting the stage was a young rapper by the name of RJ performing his new song “Get Rich” with his other music artist That Guy. Both artist wanted the crowd to remember who they were by performing several songs and having the crowd dance to their dance song “Shimmer” along with teaching everyone how to do the dance with it. You could feel the beat through your body and hear the crowd screaming their whole performance that’s how good their music was.

In between time while the artists were preparing to perform DJ Visions played music to keep the crowd hype while we waited on the next performance.

A new rapper known as Ill Yaya gave the crowd a boost when she performed and blew the roof off the Warehouse. Yaya’s short braids, gold bottom grill and baggy clothes is her signature style and she was setting a new trend to this generation as a female rapper. The crowd singing along to her hit song “How Does It Feel To Be Rich” put a smile on Yaya’s as she told her fans she loved them, you could feel the love from her fans from all over the room.

Last  YG comes out and strobe lights are on as he’s performing his song “Why You Always Hating” and the the crowd all jumps and rap along to his song. The young rapper performs a few songs with his crew and connects with his fans by talking to them before he proceeds to perform his next song. YG began to bring out Slim 400, Sad Boy Locko and RJ to help hype the crowd all around the room you could here fans wanting him to perform his song “Meet The Fockers” but shockingly he told his fans that they banned him from rapping it.

Ending the performance YG brought out all the artists that performed and each one of them thanked their fans for coming out to support them and support their music. The concert was successful and thats surely not the last time YG will bring Houston some Compton flavor.

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