League of Losing

Playing League of Legends as a new player can be hard. When all your friends are already experienced enough in the game to help out the team and you’re at level 4 playing champions that go free for the week, it’s difficult to satisfy the demands that playing on a team necessitate.

Today I bought the quintessential noob character, Ashe and played as her in a game with some buddies (one Gold III, the others sub-level 30). It was immediately apparent that I had no idea what I was doing as I died time and time again to the enemy team gankers hiding in the bushes. I was out-ranged, outgunned and outspent.  Eventually our team surrendered the match because we all had homework left to do and blogs left to write.

As my friend Albert said, Teamwork is OP, but what is more powerful than teamwork is the ability to play the game, which I did not possess. I have no doubt I will improve in games to come- but until then I’ll have to continue dying, a lot, or play against bots.

A commonly accepted rule in videogames is that once you can beat the computer players on the hardest setting, you’re ready to play the game with friends, and wage war against a human player. When I make it to that stage in League, I’ll know it’s time to move on to the big leagues (no pun intended).

Nicholas Randall

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