Deepwater Horizon: A film that captivates all


The risk of an explosion due to faulty oil refinery practices is at an all-time high, and there is no better explanation for this fact than the recent film –  Deepwater Horizon, a production that encompasses all aspects of the 2010 BP Oil Spill.            


Deepwater Horizon is a unique experience that hooks the audience with its humanistic morality and its serious overtones that make the film exceed common expectations. The authentic characters and jokes appropriately contributed to the gem of the movie.

The film’s premise is the 2010 BP Oil Spill that affected the Gulf of Mexico and almost destroyed the natural aspect of the environment, representing how big-business can have extremely harmful effect on the environment.

And it was accurately presented it in the most realistic form possible.    

       The chemistry between the entire cast, specifically Mark Wahlberg’s interactions as Mike Williams create an atmosphere of a natural and simplistic lifestyle that is heavily admired by American audiences. The view of positive relationships being tested during the moment of the outbreak of the oil spill also play into the altruistic theme presented in the film.

            The introduction of the film is beautifully brought up with the interaction between the leads Kate Hudson and Mark Wahlberg’s loving moments establishes the movie’s premise and really creates a silver lining throughout the film.

          The use of pathetic fallacy in the day before the storm with the depiction of “Perfect day” creates a greater contrast dramatizing the day of the incident. The lighting and atmosphere utilize a pairing of darkness and faint reds blasts to display both terror and complete aw on the explosion day.

            The director, Peter Berg, accurately conveys the tragedy that occurred on the Deepwater Horizon and his coronation and his extreme detail to the convinced plot truly memorializes the loved ones whose lives were stolen that day.

            This action-packed film is sure to leave you in tears as it creates a recollection of those who lost their lives, and the beauty of those survivors who continue to impact the world today.

Deepwater Horizon is in essence a tribute to the final moments of the renown ridge that was destroyed due to the careless actions of humanity, and this film serves as a reminder to always have the highest precaution when dealing with the severity of this department of work.

If any time is spared in your schedule, it should be spent watching this movie in honor of the tragedy.

Roberto Rodriguez

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