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Mrs.Keys tasteful twist on Desiigners ‘Timmy Turner’  

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Mrs.Keys comprehends Desiigner on a whole other level.
Mrs.Keys comprehends Desiigner on a whole other level.source


Alicia Keys has made a more tasteful and understanding cover to rap artist Desiigner, 19.  Desiigner’s song is “Timmy Turner” and Mrs. Keys made her cover to be “Tina” in replace of Timmy.

viagra inderal 10mg Mrs. Keys version basically was all the same lyrics just a slowed down version which most including myself feel is way more understandable. The remake of “Timmy Turner” was good. Desiigner himself makes good music just at fast paced beats and lyrics. So to have it slowed down where the audience hear every single lyric with understanding is really quality music.

It was said to be that Desiigner himself delivered a slowed down piano version himself with Mike Dean. Audience and fans still say that his slowed down version was still a little up on pace foe those to understand.

Hearing both Desiigners original version of “Timmy Turner” and Alicia Keys “Tina Turner” they both where good. Each of the songs would be for different types of audiences. Most people like to understand what they hear and some just like hearing.

If you listen to Desiigner on a regular like myself, I’m positive you would be able to comprehend what hes saying in his song “Timmy Turner”.

Keys cover to Desiigner’s song was a success even if it was done in a playful way and not as a full song,. It was a hit and Desiigner himself felt it to be a hit.


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