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A racist snapchat gone viral paige-shoemakerPaige Shoemaker a white, blue eyed Kansas State University student has been expelled from school after snap-chatting a photo of herself and a friend wearing a black clay face mask with the caption, “Feels good to finally be a n****”!

buy Lyrica online Shoemaker posted the Snapchat to her story Tuesday night with the intentions of it to be seen by her followers. The fuss started when fellow student, Desmund Weathers, posted Shoemaker’s Snapchat on Twitter where it immediately went viral. Shoemaker then made a post on Facebook apologizing and also Pat Basco, former Kansas State Vice President, made a statement concerning the post. Shoemaker and her friend Meier later said that they were the furthest thing from racist. Now with the trouble being done all Shoemaker could do was apologize for the Snapchat story that went viral. Shoemaker and Mierer never imagined the harsh consequence of the silly photo but are deeply saddened about the fallout.

buy Lyrica in dubai The picture was posted Tuesday and went viral within days. Shoemaker’s intentions on her picture were probably very different then how people viewed it, as a racial statement.

Being a black African American teenager, I don’t think it was funny at all to make a disrespectful comment to my skin color. We live in a generation today that blacks are dying by white police officers for knowing our rights and abiding by them or even just selling movies. I honestly feel like Shoemaker’s punishment should be a lesson learned and never made again.

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