“Sounds Live Feels Live” 5 Seconds Of Summer 2016 world tour



5 Seconds Of Summer ended the U.S leg of their 2016 world tour in Houston, Texas September 18th, at the Cynthia Mitchell Woodlands Pavilion and it defiantly was one to remember.

img_2258 Learn More Here Roy English kicked off the concert Sunday with a bang! The charisma he exuded while
working the crowd with each song was very effective in the making for a great set. There was a sense of connection between himself, the crowd and the music.

img_2290 http://projectaplayers.org/courses/php-5-introduction-to-coding-tutorial/ Hey Violet was the second opening act to take the stage . With there grunge rock vibe and strong lead vocalist Rena Lovelist the show was a hit. Rena belted out the lyrics to the band’s new girl power anthem, ” Guys My Age ” coming out on Itunes tomorrow.  

As useful link 5 Seconds Of Summer stepped onto the stage the entire crowd erupted into chaotic excitement. The band’s explosive sound from the thundering drum solos and piercingly impressive guitar battles led the entire rambunctious crowd to there feet.

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The deafening cheers from the crowd had not gone unnoticed  as the band mentioned that the Houston stop of the tour last year was the loudest crowd yet, which is why they purposely chose the city to end off this 2016 U.S leg of the tour. There was a moment between the set where Micheal Clifford stood before the mic listening to the crowds roaring yells and excitement in awe for a few minutes before breaking out into a smile, and continuing on with the song. (Video clip inserted below)

The band then later presented the audience with a miniature trophy proclaiming Houston as the loudest crowd in all of the United States.

The performance defiantly will go down in history books – that is until the next tour when they return ounce again.



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