Tips on surviving the SAT sat

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Long nights studying , wild adventures you’ll remember for years to come, rowdy football games and making friendships that will last a lifetime – these are the things people think of  for the “College Experience”. There is only one monumental thing standing between being admitted into your dream college and settling for community college, the SAT.

Here are a few tips I find helpful in cracking down on studying weeks before the SAT –

!. Make a Scheduled

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I find that if I write down the times set for studying in a planner or calendar it is ten times more likely to get done.  Most times it is even beneficial to set an alarm on your phone as a reminder. When within the time warp of procrastination it helps to know that you’ve set time for studies  so that it doesn’t feel like anyone else’s pressure is put on you but that you’ve set expectations for yourself. (Believe me I live in Procrastination Nation , it actually works!)

2.  Use online sources


Online Sources such as Khan Academy are extremely helpful in knowing exactly what type of problems are going to be administered on the SAT. Not only do they have timed full length practice tests, but they also have step by step videos to help with each question.

3. Ask your Teachers

It may seem tedious to go to teachers for help, but they are very helpful and do not wish to see you fail. Ask a teacher when the off period for them is, or go to one during lunch. Most times when it comes to something as serious as SAT prep in order to guide the path to a better future, teachers are more than willing to lend a helping hand.

These tips are some steps to take in order to prepare for the SAT , but they only work if you put in the time and work remember that.


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