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Cherokee Nation Helps with Infrastructure The Cherokee Nation has taken action in Delaware County, by fixing four neglected bridges on Kenwood Road. These fixed bridges creates a safer environment for drivers. The bridges were completed by using $5.6 million from the tribal transportation program budget. “Keeping a strong partnership with Delaware County officials to improve infrastructure is an important aspect of what our tribal government does,” said Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin Jr. “Repairing and replacing these multiple bridges will only strengthen the overall quality of roads in Delaware County, and that ensures our families and all citizens are safer as they travel through Cherokee Nation’s jurisdiction.”

source Delaware County planned to fix the poor infrastructure earlier this year. The Cherokee Nation involvement in this goal has been greatly appreciated. “I really appreciate all the Cherokee Nation has done to help Delaware County with the road and bridge projects. We would not be able to do the improvements without them,” said Delaware County Commissioner Martin Kirk, of district 3.