Melanie Martinez’s Cry Baby Tour


I have waited so long to see Melanie Martinez live ever since she came out with her first albumĀ DollhouseĀ in 2014, so when she announced her Cry Baby tour, I knew that it would be a show I would regret not going to; I was right! She began the concert with her most popular song on her new album, Cry Baby, and completely blew me away. Her beautiful and unique voice fit like a puzzle piece to her songs, the crowd was amazing and really energetic, and the stage was perfect with the album theme. All night I sang along with the crowd and couldn’t believe that the real life Melanie Martinez was in the same room as me, sounding even more amazing in person.


Melanie has a very different sense of style when it comes to her image and her music, but not in that sense of “you-have-to-listen-a-few-times-to-really-start-to-like-it” vibe, she just clicks immediately and can get you singing along with her in no time. Even though she has barely started to break into the big music scene, her pure talent, one-of-a-kind style, and sweet disposition will definitely get her farther than she’ll ever suspect in her career. So I encourage anyone who likes unique pop music with deep meaning and catchy melodies, take a moment to listen to Melanie Martinez!

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