Rodeo Food Review – Top 2 Pick

By Jala Jones

The Houston rodeo has a good name when it comes to food. This name is only good due to the several food stands that provide the utmost quality in what they serve. As I reviewed food at the rodeo two stands stood out, the shack and the New Orleans shrimp hotel.

The shack’s best food item was their pizza. It’s true when they say everything’s big in Texas because a slice of pizza from the shack looked like two to three slices at your average pizza place. The pizza’s crust was buttery and crunchy with a soft center. The pepperoni on the pizza was crunchy and savory which made coming back for more irresistible. The owner of the shack bragged on how his pizza is better than pizza hut’s pizza and the taste of the shack’s pizza gave his words validity. When it comes to rating the shack’s pizza they get a five out of five stars.

The New Orleans shrimp hotel’s best food item is their pie tin shrimp but I had the pleasure in trying their alligator instead. The alligator meat they serve is different from their competitors instead of using meat from the tail, they use the meat from the jaw of the alligator. They use the finest ingredients and they also make everything from scratch. The alligator from the New Orleans shrimp hotel deserves a four out five stars.

Overall the Houston Rodeo has delicious food and a wide variety which can please multiple taste buds. There’s food that ranges from fine cuisine to traditional barbecue. If you’re looking for good pizza or a Louisiana place called home the shack or the New Orleans shrimp hotel is the place to be.

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