Lady Gaga pays tribute to rape victims at Oscars

By Cassandra Gonzalez

Lady Gaga rocked the stage more than usual by wining a Golden Globe for her performance in America Horror Story: Hotel, and she struck once again during the Oscars with her on-stage performance of “Till it Happens to You.” The performance of such emotionally strong song which carried a message from rape victims  brought the Oscar’s crowd to tears. Many also showed their support on Twitter; Kesha posted, “thank u @ladygaga and VP @JoeBiden for bringing attention to sexual assault at the oscars. it hit very close to my heart for obvious reasons”.

Not only was this one of the main events of this year’s awards ceremony; Lady Gaga’s original song “Till it Happens to You” was nominated to be her first Oscar.  This song was used for the documentary The Hunting Ground, a film raising awareness of the sexual assault that happens within U.S college campuses. Therefore, making the song and the film a perfect combination as both of them possess the same type of message which could be both the suffering and survival of rape victims.

While performing, what caught the eyes of the Oscar viewers was the beautiful picture of Lady Gaga in her white pantsuit as she played a white grand piano.  The stylish combination gave her a gentle look which really complemented her powerful performance. As Lady Gaga walks through the carpet one can’t help but to wonder what kind of outside-the-box outfit she is going to wear, this year she wore a Brandon Maxwell pantsuit that the public loved.

Despite it being different from he usual outfits, Lady Gaga still managed to rock it by putting some of her emotion and attitude to it. Not to forget to mention how her retro wavy hair complemented her outfit.

But what gave it a ‘bang!’ in her performance, was when the group of sexual assault survivors came from the back of the stage and joined hands with Lady Gaga. One detail that the public noticed among the group of young men and women, was that words and phrases such as “You are Loved,” “Survivor” and ” Unbreakable” were written on their wrists. It was no doubt a moving performance that will be remembered forever and engraved in Oscar History.

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