Searching for a prom dress?

Senior year of high school is stressful. Senior year, in essence, is the locked door to adult hood because of the important decisions that need to be made. Prom is an important senior decision. As prom approaches, the need for a perfect dress has become crucial.

Three main issues with finding a prom dress is the fit, the uniqueness, and the price. Prom shouldn’t be a competition to see who wore it better, there should be some “slayage” with individuality.

Some people are lucky enough to find their perfect dress online. When shopping online, dresses are cheaper and there’s a bigger selection. But on the hunt for a prom dress be careful with online sites. The picture of the dress may look gorgeous but the reality of what you are getting may be completely different. Check, check, check the reliability of the site. When checking up the reliability of the buyer, keep in mind two things, site reviews and the services provided. If a store or site is unreliable there will be many bad customers reviews and reports on the particular site. If certain online stores offer services that copy the exact style of an expensive dress, then avoid them because first, it’s not guaranteed to look like the picture and second, knock offs are as illegal due to copyrights.

Unreliable stores:
Ms Dressy
Misses Dressy
Empire Dress
Ali express
Genealogy Dresses
Reliable stores:
JJ House
Couture Z
JC Penny’s
Dress Therapy
David’s Bridal

Remember to keep in mind your budget, the quality of the dress, and the reliability of the seller when shopping for prom. Good luck in your search and enjoy your prom.

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