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Chronicle Classroom settles in after three day weekend

neurontin 300mg doseage By: Lorenzo Moore- Westbury HS

follow link The HISD editorial department classroom is back in action after a three day weekend commemorating the movements of Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights. The classroom kicks off the week with a meeting consisting of what is to come in the following weeks, students come up with ideas for their next insight issue which has hit record heights in its November release. The classroom also discusses events that need coverage including the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The idea of podcasts have been brought up in these meetings and they seem to0 be a great idea. The chronicle classroom works very hard in all of its aspects and they look forward to a great remainder of the season.

“I really like what we did in the first half, I had so much fun interviewing people and writing stories. I really enjoyed reviewing movies and food. Especially food.” Says Destini Pettus, an intern “I think that having this internship on my record really gives me an edge when it comes down to college applications and job interviews”

It seems that the internship gives as well as receives from the students that have been welcomed aboard.

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