Trevor Wall’s ‘Norm of the North’ Goes South By Destini Pettus

reliable medications buy priligy usa Have you ever seen a trailer and felt like the entirety of the plot was revealed? This is the feeling that is gleaned from the Norm of the North trailer.

Filled to the brim with flat jokes, predictable plot twists, and a laughable story line, it seems that there is no way this movie can turn out to be anything but utterly horrible.

And unfortunately, that sentiment was correct.

From the unconvincing dialogue to the utter ridiculousness that was the story line, this movie was a huge flop. The characters are weak and downright offensive at times (there’s a such thing as too much detail) and most of the jokes were about bodily functions.

The story starts with Norm the talking polar bear, (one of two who have this ability) who is destined to take the throne as king of the arctic one day but feels inadequate.

As you follow him throughout the film where he miraculously makes his way to New York over from Antarctica, you get the sense that the director took the plot of every good pre-existing Animal film and uncaringly smashed it together to become a script of horror.

Although the film was obviously an attempt to spread awareness throughout children of environmental concerns such as habitat loss, the film was so utterly inaccurate that I fear children will walking away knowing LESS about the subject.

The verdict: if you want your child to know more about habitat loss and the animals of the arctic, they’d probably enjoy themselves more watching a science documentary.

Two thumbs down.

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