My Best Friends M598fef07bbf.0.html/”http:/ By: Kayla Sturdevant My best friends are Julie and Nida, who go to school with me. It’s really a great bond because we’re all friends with each other. We love to hang out together and we even formed a group chat.

I love them a lot because we enjoy the same things including but not limited to: television shows, food, and movies. Sometimes all we talk about are our favorite television shows. We will all message each other when our favorite shows come on and talk about our favorite moments and characters.

They’re also always there for me and support me when I need them. The coolest part is: they love me back. Julie and Nida are the funniest ladies I know and I appreciate them greatly. I feel like I have Julie and Nida withdrawals over the weekend. I hope we will continue our friendship even after high school.

A picture of Nida and me attending Twenty One Pilots together, courtesy of Nida Syed. Julie and I don’t have “planned” pictures together.


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