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Wings Over Houston

buy modafinil in australia By: Kayla Sturdevant October 17th and 18th an air show came to Houston. Ellington Airport consisted of airplane fanatics lined up in their cars to see the show.

buy accutane in singapore Along with myself, many people volunteered to help direct parking. People gathered around every corner to see the planes in action.

Reenactments and tricks covered the sky. The audience awed and cheered in delight. Not only the entertainment in the sky became present, but also booths and games scattered all around the field.

Quite a family event, it shouldn’t encourage children who scare easily from loud noises. People with bomb sound triggers should also avoid the event.

It appeared the weekend showed a success.

View video from the weekend here.

The sky after planes crossed paths.
People literally lined up to see the planes
The crowd waits for the next daring plane to take the stage


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