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Spooky Scary

By: Kayla Sturdevant

Kemah Boardwalk annually hosts their haunted house called the Dungeon of Doom. The maze would have been seen as just fine if it weren’t for the terrifying actors.

Walking through, the decorations were the finest of their kinds but not terribly scary. The part that sent shivers down the spine followed by blood curdling screams were the actors who would chase and interact with the visitors. No physical contact is made, but it’s still quite traumatizing to be chased by someone in a dark room and strobe lights.

Specific characters includes cloaked figures, a deranged clown, and a creepy girl. Honestly, they were all disturbing and wonderful at their jobs.

The lights certainly added to the scariness. There was a variety of colors but mostly stuck to dim lighting and blinking lights. The sound effects and even sometimes the smells added onto the eeriness of the event.

Some tips to survive the 10 to 15 minutes of horror: keep the head down. If the actors can’t be seen, they can’t be feared.  Secondly, don’t run. There are walls at every turn and it hurts a lot when slammed into them. Finally, just breathe. It’ll be over soon. Keep reminding everyone that they’re only acting.

For a first time haunted-houser, the experience was altogether terrible. If someone is looking to be scared, this house is the one for you. Not knowing what to expect and only going off what has been filmed in movies, the Dungeon of Doom exceeded the expectations. One time was good enough for a lifetime.

Definitely not suited for children, the dungeon will be the worst and best part of anyone’s Halloween.

Picture of one of the actors, courtesy of Ella Robertson
The entrance of the dungeon

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