The Right to Die

By: Ella Robertson

California governor Jerry Brown has just given terminally ill patients the right to end their lives. Euthanasia activists rejoice, as those who are incurably ill may be spared the most miserable parts of their time on Earth; however, just as many see this as scoffing at the miracle of life.

When prodded for his reasoning for signing off on the legislation on October 5th, Brown stated that he did not know “what [he] would do if [he] were dying in prolonged and excruciating pain,” and thought it would be “a comfort to be able to consider the options” that the new legislation gave those who were terminally ill.

Earlier this year, the California Medical Association ended it’s stance against physician assisted suicide, as they felt it was too personal of a matter for them to get involved in. Without a doubt, Brown’s signing of pro-Euthenasia legislation has showcased the change of heart California has had towards the right for those who are miserably ill to end their life.

Information from: ChurchMilitant, NPR, Vice

Photo from: FGGAM

Jerry Brown signing off on Assembly Bill No. 15, which gave those who were terminally ill the right to a physician-assisted suicide

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