Police and Locals Come Together to Save Rare A Reptile

     An act of kindness can go a very long way, especially  in these times of police brutality, young deaths and distrust between officers and the people.

Cop Photo Turbo

On Sunday, September 27 police responded to a report about a

large albino tortoise traveling  along the 3800 block of Wentworth St. Houston TX.

      The residents along the street came out of their homes to look after this reptile, keeping it out of danger until the authorities arrived. Once the police arrived on the scene they were greeted with friendly neighbors taking pictures of this rare finding.

      A few neighbors along with Donnie Moutra of Wentworth St. Worked together to load the tortoise into the Donnies truck with the assistance of police officers. The group then went down to the nearest bayou, and tried to release the creature. But the tortoise (nicknamed Turbo) wasn’t ready just yet to retire from his new day job of wandering the streets, “He just didn’t want to go in the bayou” – Shaver, a local said. The female officer volunteered to stay with the tortoise until the arrival of animal control to take controll of the situation. Turbo was again found wandering the streets of McGregor and was later returned home where he is now, safe and sound.


Donnie Moutra as well as the entire street of Wentworth would like to thank those police officers for the kindness and commitment to natures rarest, and locals. Something that in these times when the community and police are at odds and peace between the two are a rarity within itself, we can work together for the sake of nature.


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