Houstonians Weigh in on 9/11

By Ella Robertson

The date September 11th, 2001 evokes intense emotions from a wide array of American citizens. Many lost their loved ones or feelings of safety, however some gained feelings of patriotism through mourning this day.

Fourteen years later, this date continues to hold a profound place in the memories of many Houstonians. One man, Eric Johnson, remembers the feelings of grief that infiltrated his 6th grade classroom when the news broke. Johnson states that his history teacher, who happened to be a veteran, claimed that he was going to “kick the a**” of whoever committed this attack against America.

Many citizens feel as though this tragedy resulted in further unity of the country and even revived patriotism. Matt Preist believes that September 11th was a “defining thing” in American history, and ended up bringing the nation together by allowing them to “believe in the strength of America again”.

Others, such as James Hahn, also believe that the attacks were a tragedy, but recognize that the aftermath of the attack was not completely positive. Hahn states that as a result of 9/11, there has been a “loss of privacy” due to law enforcement and government officials “overreaching” while attempting to avoid additional terrorist attacks.

Although Houstonians have different viewpoints on how 9/11 has affected them, it is undeniable that the day has continued to have a strong impact fourteen years later.

Photo from the New York Post

Ground Zero, nearly 14 years after the attack on the twin towers

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