Houstonians 9/11 Experience

By Kayla Sturdevant

On a gloomy day in Houston, everyday people have their own experiences they recall from 14 years ago. Waiting for the bus, Sonia remembers being at work when the attack happened.

Rasmane who works at The Lancaster remembers being a 10 year old boy. When someone mentions the day, he remembers his mother calling him and telling him about the tragedy. He missed the first first attack, but he remembers the live feed on national television when he watched the second attack.

While enjoying his lunch in the Tunnel, Jeff recalls family members being personally effected. He lived in New Jersey at the time. Jeff adds that today is a great way to remember the tragedy and that he believes the nation stands stronger today because of it. New York still booms with business. He thinks it’s important not to forget what happened.

Tamra worked at Morgan Stanley with 2500 coworkers who were affected. She says about 75 percent of Tower 2 was employed by the company while Tower 5 also had a larger portion.

Truly a day of remembrance, the whole city mourns for the losses. The city of Houston also physically mourns with rain pouring and flooding in the streets as shown.

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