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“To Do” List

source By: Jezai Thomas-Arnic

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buy genuine Deltasone “To Do” List:

  1. Finish “GoFundMe”
    1. Share on Facebook to get addresses for the invitations
  2. Submit scholarship essays
  3. Put away Laundry
  4. Make Graduation Invitations
    1. Have them saved.
    2. Buy AFTER you see Ms. Brown’s invitations
  5. Budget for the month
  6. Make a new vision board
    1. Drivers License
    2. TSI Test
    3. UNT Orient. Trip
    4. Naviance
  7. Pick topic for Biology Project
  8. Naviance
  9. Write some blogs
  10. Get story
  11. Graduation Gifts for Teachers
Jezai Thomas-Arnic
Just trying to figure out people and myself and this thing called 'Life".

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