Bellaire hosts first student run dance

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buy generic Lyrica india Girls take charge in Bellaire’s first student-run Sadie Hawkins dance.

This year’s student council decided to say goodbye to the Bellaire talent show and to welcome a new dance to excite the student body.

Administrators, at first, immediately declined the request for student council to manage an entire dance. Nonetheless, Evangeline Sonnier, chair of the dance, contacted the Bellaire Belles dance team and arranged for Prinicipal Michael McDonough to walk in and watch.

After a convincing routine, the Belles held up a poster asking for a Sadie Hawkins dance. McDounough agreed, and the council found their catch phrase for the dance “he said yes.”

Sonnier has worked hard to promote the dance with the hashtag #hesaidyes on social media, in the daily announcements, and in posters around the school. The council not only encourages girls to ask guys, but also girls to ask girls, boys to ask girls and boys to ask boys.

“The concept is to step out of your comfort zone,” Sonnier said. “Step out of the two typical dances you know, just homecoming and prom. Step out of who you would normally talk to. I think it’s empowering.”

Convinced that Bellaire students had little school spirit, Teresa Herrin, a teacher sponsor of the student council, was impressed that the council chairs could rally up support.

“I’ve been told the parents are the only ones who have the patience and ability to pull (a dance) together,” Herrin said.

Student council president Megan Wu understands that the student body is usually indifferent about any newly introduced events. In an effort to excite students about a dance held in the seemingly bland cafeteria, Wu has promoted the free pizza, upbeat DJ, and professional light jockey.

“Undecided responses from the students are always better than negative ones. In the end, around 150 students showed up and it was a greater success than I expected it to be,” Wu said.

The council raised around $2,000 for the dance from the Bellaire community and a photo booth was donated by a local orthodontics office. The Bellaire Fire Department volunteered to help decorate and to bring along their ladders. With the support of the city, event chairs were happy to spend six hours a day for weeks to bring together a dance that they hope will become a tradition.

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