Community Is Back

By: Kayla Sturdevant

Being a television series fanatic, I can’t express how excited I am that Yahoo has picked up the series Community.

Starting at NBC, Community is now in its 6th season. This show is definitely underrated. When I ask people about it, most people have never heard of it.

Community is a must see. My friend Nida told me about it a few months ago and I thought,” It doesn’t look that great.” I checked it out and my judgment was so far off. It’s one of my favorite comedy shows to this date. I’m so happy thisshowis continuing.

To quickly summarize the show, it’s about a study group that forms at a community college. The group consists of a variety of characters of different ages and religions so the group bumps heads once or twice. However, they end up becoming great friends who become a little too attached to each other.

Personally, I have a love hate relationship with all the characters but they eventually grew on me. I relate with the characters like I did with The Office and How I Met Your Mother. I’m currently only on Community’s 4th season, so I’m trying to get caught up to watch the new season.

I’m not sure how Yahoo will take the show, but I can’t imagine how they could do it wrong. I’m not familiar with the other show they put on their website Sin City Saints. My fingers are crossed thatCommunitycontinues to be amazing.

However, I have seen in the past where different companies pick up shows and they change a lot. For example, when Netflix picked up Arrested Development. The show isn’t terrible, but it’s not how it was before. I have to watch the show with a different state of mind than I did with the first three seasons. I don’t know why but it just didn’t sit right with me. Nevertheless, I still love Arrested Development and cannot wait for season 5.

I believe Community is so incredible because the characters are very relatable. They all have many issues but so does everyone else. I think it shows all of us that no matter how different we are, we can still all be together. It emphasizes how important friends are when you don’t have a stable family. I truly admire the character development all of the characters have gone through.

Community will be coming on once a week and I honestly don’t know if I can handle that anticipation. I’ve been so used to watching the episodes one after another. I don’t know if I’m ready to be deprived of my favorite characters every week.

All and all, I would definitely recommend this show to anyone. I would also suggest to start at the beginning because you’ll really be able to connect with the characters more. The show is really “streets ahead,” in my opinion.

Go Human Beings!

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