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source Last week, Wednesday-Friday, I went to Austin, Texas with my fellow Chronicle Classroom colleagues and I had an amazing time there. The first day we went to the capital and met with Senator Ellis. I think that it was pretty cool that I got to experience another side of a public figure that others don’t get to see all the time. After that we went to San Marcos Outlet, even though we didn’t have too much time to fully explore the mall I saw some pretty amazing things and stores that I had never seen here in our Houston malls.


On the next day we went to the University of Texas and I must admit that although the campus is beautiful and for a short time I was considering it I’m extremely happy with my choice of the University of Houston. But besides my biased decision of schools at UT we were able to sit in on a class lecture where they pitched ideas for the newspaper and I learned that although I am at a lower level (high school) the way stories are pitched are basically the same, well with a few differences. I did think that it was very interesting to see the way college classes are setup though. After that we met with Paula Poindexter and she thoroughly explained how news is important to the youth of today mostly because we are the future of news, I found that extremely interesting.


This trip was overall amazing and I’m so grateful that I was apart of this Chronicle Classroom and got to experience such an amazing trip. I want to say number one thanks so much to Mr. Jeff Cohen for sponsoring our trip and allowing us to go to such a beautiful place and mostly thank you so much Ms. Cynthia Smith for taking us and dealing with us and all the things we put you through this year, You are amazing!


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