Another Draw!


By:Cristian Moralez

Houston Dynamo tied in home 0-0 against Colorado Rapid.

The Orange machine had its second draw this season against Colorado Rapids, team in which still hasn’t won a game this season.

Throughout the first half of the game, Houston had nine shots in favor and Colorado five. Although Houston had the best position and more shots their effectiveness was poor.

Colorado Rapids in the other side seemed to be extinguished for some times of the games. There total effectiveness throughout the game was worser then Dynamos.

But although Colorado Rapid had less shots then Houston, there only hits were the most clearest shots to open the score board, but as always our goalkeeper Tyler Deric made an outstanding performance to keep our goalie in zero.

In the final half, both teams showed the same performance as the first and therefor no team managed to win the game and let a disappointing 0-0.

Cristian Moralez

Soccer Fan @Club America From Staten Island New York

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