Austin Trip: Day One

By: Jarvis Dillard

txCapitalSo this past week me and my cohorts who come to the Chronicle everyday went on this amazing 3 day 2 night trip to Austin where there was non-stop fun and entertainment. We left on Wednesday morning and made it to Austin in a timely fashion. We were able to take pictures and roam free for a few minutes until we finally made it in the capitol. We were there to meet with Senator Rodney Ellis who we previously met in December when he was here at the Chronicle. We had a blast talking with him and learning about not only the job that he does but also him as a person (he likes to collect art). Once we finished up with him we went to our hotel. The Radisson. We were given a few hours to unpack and settle in and then we hit up this outlet where there was a ton of stores. Some I heard of and others I didn’t. We spent about a hour and a half there and went to get food. Our instructor wanted us to try this wing place called Bone Daddy’s so we all decided to eat there, so we called our order in and apparently there was a communication issue with the people there so once we got there, we were told that there was only seven wing dinners there. But there was 13 of us. The people there said they tried calling my instructor’s number back, but they mixed a number or two. My instructor was a bit upset and I can’t blame her. It was a good little drive to get there and when we got there,  they didn’t have enough food. We got back in the van and the search for something to eat had began. We drove all the way back to the hotel, past it and lucked up on a Freebirds. We all agreed we wanted to eat there and once we got there, they only had enough food for about five people. Those who were in line got their food and the others pondered on what to get. Someone used their phone and found a Wingstop and so the rest of us just got something from there. That night was long, but everyone enjoyed their food and had a good day. Especially that night. Everyone had lots of fun in my room playing hide and go seek. Don’t ask me how they did it because I wasn’t a part of it. When the madness was all over everyone went to their assigned rooms and geared up for the next day.

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