La Maquinaria Nortena and Banda El Limon , Make go Tejano day New Record

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By: Cristian Moralez

In a afternoon where the sun was out and the boots were ready. Houston Celebrated its go Tejano Day which made a new record with an attending audience of 75,357 people. The Go Tejano day was in luck do to a Mix of Mexican popular bands La Arrolladora Banda El Limon and La Maquinaria Nortena.

IMG_20150315_234840The Mexican band ,La Maquinaria Nortena started the duo night walking toward the stage wearing clear blue jeans and a nice Lone star jacket. La Maquinaria had the played almost half an hour but was very pleased with their audience.



IMG_20150315_234258La Arrolladora Banda Limon de Rene Camacho made a spectacular close with their hottest songs for the fans. Banda Limon wore fancy black pants and white dress shirt for the night. There performance lasted half an less then half an hour.



Cristian Moralez

Soccer Fan @Club America From Staten Island New York

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