Orlando City surprises Dynamo

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Kaka and Orlando City surprised Houston, with a help of Tyler Deric.

With a game played mostly in the midfield and a huge error of goalkeeper Tyler Deric, Orlando City won their first game in the MLS 2015 season visiting the mighty orange Houston Dynamo.

In a stadium nearly full with its capacity, The orange machine was in look for their second consecutive win this season.  But there rival, Orlando City guided by Brazilian legend Kaka expected a competition for Orlando was in seek of their first victory.

Throughout their first half both teams demonstrated more game in midfields and less shoots to goal. Orlando most clear shot was done by Kaka in a free kick were the hero Tyler Deric seemed like he was going to rob the night again.

But It wasn’t until second half when we saw more action and were Tyler Deric went from hero to villan

At minute 74 in a ball which seemed safe in feet of the goals keeper.cd

Cristian Moralez

Soccer Fan @Club America From Staten Island New York

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