Spring Break In Philidelphia

By: Elisabeth Gray

This spring break I am spending the majority of my time in Philidelphia with my brother and sister in law. I have visited them several times, so I have seen most of the common tourist attractions such as the liberty bell, the eastern state penitentiary, the franklin institute and the history museum.

I have even toured several of the Universities in the area, such as UPenn and Drexel.

I am a little dissapointed becausethere will not be a lot of interesting things to do while I am there.

The only ideas I have are shopping, cooking and playing with my brothers Corgi. I sincerely hope the my brother, sister in law and parents have planned some events because I do not want to be stuck inside during spring break.

They live in west phili, which is not a great neighborhood. I am not allowed to go out alone due to the negative image of the area.

I hope I have something!

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