NCAA Continues the Debate Over-paying College Athletes It is a dispute that has been going on for–should the NCAA pay their college student athletes? The NCAA and the schools feel that the students’ free education is enough to compensate for their services to the schools athletic department. For some of the programs, the income can be millions.

Athletes feel that since they are the ones that are on the field doing most of the work, they should get some sort of percentage from that revenue.

As of now, the NCAA is having its way. If a student athlete was ever to receive money from the school or outside sources for their contributions on the field, if found guilty they could potentially be suspended.

This past summer, renowned Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel was accused of receiving money for signing autographs for fans.

If they feel in anyway that athletes are receiving money as an incentive for playing a sport, they will suspend the athlete without hesitation.

Manziel was only suspended for half of a game, but the message was clear.

Most of the athletes feel that the NCAA is a business that is taking advantage of their employees and their performance.

They want a percentage, but how much should they get? Should all the athletic programs students receive a percentage?

The NCAA is still clinging to the fact that the players are ultimately getting a free education as well as free living expenses, which would normally cost $25,000 a year.

This dispute will continue on with no foreseen end.

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