Selma POV

By: Jaliyyah Hodge

“Selma” isn’t a documentary about how Martin Luther King Jr led the Alabama marches. This movie is about the people of Selma, Alabama and their struggle. It is common to most people that the movie will tug on your heartstrings. Yes, Dr. King is the central protagonist of the film, but there is a bigger focus- Selma. Its citizens were courageous, brave, selfless, and they came together to unite for a single cause.

You find yourself and others fighting back tears or sick to your stomach which is perfectly fine. It is meant for individuals to feel some type of way.

Racism is a form of cruelty used to another person and their background. People may have thought this ended many years ago, but what they don’t know is that it is still going on today.

Americans have their fair share, and then some, of unflattering stereotypes. Growing up in the right part of the country, you pick up a slightly different set. The nasty things you learn about black people remain, but to them you add a separate set about Southerners. Southerners, always white, have never forgiven us for waging war on them and winning. They want their slaves back. In every closet one finds a white hood, on every hill a burning cross. “In the land of cotton,” as their song says, “old times are not forgotten.”

The way I view it is white men are accustomed to a world order that revolves around them. It is disturbing of sequence of establishment to be presented with a revisionist narrative in which white men are not at the center of the action, driving the forces of history. They are not used to people of color or women being front and center as vital contributors to change.

Jaliyyah Hodge

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