John Legend

John Legend

By: Jaliyyah Hodge


John Roger Stephens, better known by his stage name John Legend, is an American songwriter, actor and singer. He has won nine Grammy Awards and one Golden and Academy Award.

Legend wore his crisp, blue/grey suit, black tie and dress shoes. Legend is one of many legendary performers with a touch of old school class, style and perhaps even a bit of magic.

Within seconds without breaking a sweat, Legend took one breath and blasted a sweet vocal love with “Made to Love.”

Legend had majority of the NRG stadium eager to hear the next song (Ordinary People) as he played at his piano and the crowd sang along.

Legend sat on top his piano for “Save Room” and amped things up with “Green Light.”

A cover of Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You” was unexpectedly sung by Legend.

Last year’s “All of Me” is the biggest hit Legend’s career and drew one of the night’s biggest reactions.  The night was full of surprises— until Legend kicked into “Glory.”


“Glory” his collaboration with rapper Common from the film “Selma” has become a rallying cry for modern-day civil rights.

They performed this song at the Grammy’s and the Academy Awards, where it won best original song.

“We still have so much work to do. But we continue to have hope. We continue to march forward,” Legend announced to the crowd.

“A just society is built on love. Love for our families. Love for our neighbors.  Love for those who look differently or worship differently. Love for the least among us. Love for those we don’t even know.”

The entire stadium was emotionally engaged.

“Let’s fight for justice and equality for all. And one day, when the glory comes, it will be ours.”

John Legend’s Rodeo Song(s) Set List:

  • Made to Love
  • Hard Times
  • Tonight
  • Let’s Get Lifted
  • Used to Love You
  • Save the Night
  • Save Room
  • Ordinary People
  • Green Light
  • Rock with You
  • Caught Up
  • So High
  • All of Me
  • Glory

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